rock.steady. (hecatehatesthat) wrote in sane_ichiruki,

A Safe Haven for Sanity

Welcome to sane_ichiruki! This community was created, first and foremost, as a place to rant about fandom. Because sometimes the ichiruki fangirls drive us crazy. When you need to curse the stupid in Bleach fandom in general or IchiRuki fandom in particular, or hell, maybe it's the general atmosphere of misogyny in anime fandom that's bugging you -- whatever it is, bring it here.

That said, this is not a place for wank; keep your sense of humor and your brain with you at all times, and remember, in the eyes of society at large, we're ALL crazy.

But there's crazy and there's CARAZY.

We're privileging smart!crazy here -- obsessively analytical!crazy, characterization-fixated!crazy, meta-textual!crazy, all that good stuff.

If you've written or read a great, thoughtful post about a recent chapter of Bleach that relates to Ichigo and/or Rukia, post it or link to it here. Just read an amazing fic? Post a rec here.

Post your own fic here when you're looking for feedback that goes further than "omg so cute!" Actually, if "cute" is a good adjective for your Ichigo/Rukia fic, think hard about how that happened before you post it in this comm. But if you want discussion about your characterization, about plot, about language -- this should be the place for it.

And when you read fic here? Please, please leave feedback, and try to tell the author at least one concrete thing you liked about the story -- or if you didn't like it? Share what bothered you about it.

When you want to talk about KT's characterization, or the ways you think people mess it up in fic -- post it here.

Noticed an allusion in Bleach that has Ichigo/Rukia related consequences? Saw something interesting in the framing? Just want to fangirl but without all the idiocy and grammatically nonsensical sentences and people wishing Bleach would suddenly become a shoujo manga? This is the place for it.

Fanart and icons (which are, er, also a form of fanart...) are welcome as well, provided, of course, that the poster is open to crit. 'Cause that's what we do here.

And have fun!
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