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Canon isn't a dirty word

It's not that we think we're elite. We're just smarter than you.

Sane Ichigo/Rukia Fans
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This is a community for fans of the Ichigo/Rukia ship but not always the Ichigo/Rukia fandom. We like them the way Kubo Tite writes them.

Membership to this community is now invite-only, but non-members are totally welcome to participate in all comm activities (challenges, discussions, fic critiques, etc.); in fact if you're interested in becoming a member, participating is your best bet. Membership means posting access and a few other privileges, which will be outlined in more detail in the general community rules post.

This is meant to be a place for in-depth and analytical discussion about a pairing that gets a lot of surface attention, and a place for people to post fic and art when they are interested in improving with the help of serious constructive criticism from other members of the community and fans of the pairing. It's not a place for fluff or empty compliments.

None of this means we're not allowed to squee like the fangirls we are from time to time.

arguing, avoiding sappyness, awkwardness, bitching, bleach is not shoujo, boobfear, boycotting fluff, fic that doesn't suck, gross cultural misunderstandings, how kt wanted it, ichigo is so fifteen, intelligent debate, kicks to the head, lacking basic social skills, love without schmoop, mocking the white knight, no "i love you"s, no ship is canon, not raping canon, partners in kicking ass, please stop being stupid, scowling, she wanted to stay, snark, snarking about fandom, tag-teaming, unconventional love stories, violence is love, we love 181