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Community Rules

Okay people, friends of mine, it has been pointed out that it is well past time I made a full rules post if I want to claim this comm is fully up and running, so here we go.

First, just to keep things organized and easy: the Standing Challenges and rules for responding to them are here, and the Sponsored Fic Critique rules are over here.

Now, I'd like us to have a discussion of the new chapter every week, or at least every week when Ichigo and/or Rukia is in the chapter, and especially when they're in it together.

So, the New Chapter Discussion Rules:
  1. Only one post per chapter.
  2. Any member can make the post where the new chapter discussion is to take place; the post can be as long or short as that member wants.
  3. The post can go up as soon as the scanlation has been released, but not before, except in rare circumstances (when all the well-known scanlation groups are taking unusually long times); when that happens, a mod will make the discussion post, with links to the raw and script translations.
  4. Scanlation talk is fine, but let's not go posting links all over.
  5. Spoilers for the chapter go behind a cut tag.
  6. Discussion on anything in the chapter, relating to Ichigo/Rukia or not, is welcome.

The rest is pretty simple, but to keep things clear… the General Fic and Art Posting Rules:
  1. All members are welcome to post their fic and/or art in the community at any time, save on Sponsored Fic Day and the day after.
  2. Posting fic or fanart to the comm at any time implies willingness to receive concrit, but this will likely be less in-depth than the concrit received by the Sponsored Fic.
  3. Everyone (members and non-members) is welcome to leave concrit on any fanwork posted in the comm.
  4. All stories and images should be labeled for spoilers and cut tagged.

Rules for Metanalysis:
  1. Meta can be posted on any topic at any time, with one exception: No meta on Sponsored Fic Critique Day.
  2. Meta posts should have enough thought put into them to be at least a paragraph long.
  3. No posts repeating meta that's been discussed in the last week or two.

Rules for Reccing:
  1. Bet you can guess this one: no recs on Sponsored Fic Day. Other than that, have at it.
  2. A recs post can contain as few or as many recs as the poster wishes, provided each story or work of art recced is linked, labeled with title and author's name, spoiler warnings if necessary, and the reccer writes a few sentences about why they're reccing this particular story.

And finally, starting this very month, there will be a Monthly Mod's Choice Rec -- all you guys have to do on that one is look forward to it. ^_^
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