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A Little Help Here, Please

You people should be ashamed of yourselves. I should be ashamed of myself too. Not one of us has managed to leave concrit on lacewood's "Excessive Chain" as the latest Sponsored Fic. It's only round 2, people, what happened? I mean, I know why I haven't gotten to it yet, but what about you all?

Seriously – I'm not just here to scold you into giving the girl some damn crit, I want to figure out why it went so well last time and so not at all this time, so we can fix it and make it easier to leave constructive criticism if we can. Was it just that all of you who left feedback on Ten's fic felt you'd done your duty by the comm and could skip this round and leave it to others? Because that's not how it works. You're a member, you're expected to read the Sponsored Fic and think of some way it could be better every time, or at least almost every time.

Is there something I can use to motivate you besides how good this will be for the fandom and for your fellow fans as writers? I don't want to threaten to kick people out if they never participate, but if we can't manage any criticism at all, something's gotta give. I will definitely be adding the rule that if you don't leave concrit, you're not eligible to get it – not that people are beating down the door to be the next Sponsored Fic, but member or not, if you haven't left feedback on either of the two latest Sponsored Fics when your week comes around, you will be skipped in the rotation. Of course, that'll only matter if people are actually leaving comments on the Sponsored Fic. Come on, guys!

So. Fill me in. Why haven't you left feedback for Pei Yi? What it is that held you back this week that didn't happen last time? And if you didn't leave feedback last time either – which is a lot of you – tell me about that, too. Are you just not interested in participating in this aspect of the community? Too busy? Think you suck at feedback? Should I make a post with suggestions on how to beta read or something? What would help you and motivate you to participate?

ETA because apparently when I post in the morning I suck at being sarcastic/playful -- I don't really think any of us should be ashamed, I just want you guys to help me iron out the kinks in the new critique system, because there obviously are kinks. I know some of them have to do with stuff I still have to do myself, but your opinions make a big difference and some of you are gonna have ideas that wouldn't have occurred to me and, you know, all the help I can get.
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