rock.steady. (hecatehatesthat) wrote in sane_ichiruki,

Here It Goes!

The results of the poll show that Friday and Saturday are the most popular first and second choice days for the Sponsored Fic Critique, but a few people's responses indicated that they won't have any time at all on the weekends. In order to best accomodate the most people (and hopefully get as much participation as possible), we're going to make Thursday the day that the Sponsored Fic is posted for the critique to begin, and the exclusive focus on this fic will continue through Friday.

Community-wide focus on the Sponsored Fic will be ensured by the prohibition of posting anything else on the day of and the after the posting of the Sponsored Fic. That means anything posted to the community (other than, in some circumstances, new chapter discussion) on every second Thursday and Friday will be deleted by the mods. Starting this week!

Since the dub premieres this Saturday, we want to get the new pattern of action started in this comm before the fandom population explodes and things go crazy. The first fic to be object of community-wide critique will be posted by our brave volunteer, tenebris, this Thursday. (But don't get too excited guys, it won't be new fic -- it'll be one of her older fics, though somewhat updated.) I'll post more detailed rules for the critique on Thursday before she puts her fic up so you all have a better idea what we're going for here.

I'd also like to draw your attention, while I'm here, to: 1. the fact that we have a new mod here, nyonyo, who will bring the awesome, and 2. to the post of the official community standing challenges that's now up.

I'll be posting even more about new the plans to get the awesome rolling in this comm later this week.
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