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Standing Challenges

These challenges will remain up until they're written; there's no time limit. Anyone, whether or not they are a member of this community, may respond to any challenge they choose. A new challenge will be posted when the previous challenge in that category has been met.

To respond to a challenge:
  1. The response must be written or drawn specifically in response to the challenge; it may not be something that just happens to fit.
  2. The response must be posted in the writer or artist's personal livejournal (fic and art journals count), or, if a member of sane_ichiruki, in this community journal. Nothing posted in a different comm will be accepted.
  3. A link to the response story or image must be posted in the comments of the challenge post in the following format:
    • Category: #. Challenge Responded To
    • Author or Artist
    • Date of Response
    • Title in the Form of a Link to Challenge Response

  4. When a Challenge Response has been accepted (at the moderators' discretion; not all responses by non-members, even those that follow the above the directions, will necessarily be accepted), the challenge prompt will be struck through and a new challenge prompt will be added to this post in that category. Further comments with links to responses to struck-through challenges will always be welcome.

The Challenges:

Fanfic Challenges

Subverting Clichés:
Responses to challenges in this category must in some fashion both make use of and debunk the cliché listed. Stories should be at least 500 words.

  1. Ichigo tasting like strawberry.

Responses to challenges in this category must make use of the challenge theme (not necessarily using the exact phrase of the challenge itself in the story) in exactly 100 words. We will check.

  1. really good mistakes

Writing Fanart:
Responses to challenges in this category must believably explain and elaborate on the image linked. Stories must be at least 500 words.


Fanart Challenges

Filling a Hole in Fandom:
Responses to challenges in this category must be finished images incorporating all the elements mentioned in the challenge.

  1. Ichigo and Rukia kissing against a wall.

Illustrating Fanfic
Responses to challenges in this category must be finished images accurately depicting a scene from the fanfic listed.

  1. Sitting in a Tree by tokyofish

*If you wish to suggest a prompt / theme or submit your own fanart to be written / fanfic to be illustrated, email one or both of the mods with the subject line "sane_ichiruki Challenge Prompt."
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