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It has been brought to my attention (a few times) that I never post my own fic here, and when I realized it's because I'm a little intimidated to do that, I decided the atmosphere of… uh, elitism, I guess… is maybe a little too much. This comm isn't meant to be scary – just snarky and smart.

So! I posted a new chapter of my giant WIP today, and I reckon that at three chapters and 13,000+ words, the thing is long enough to go up here. Apologies to those of you who are gonna be seeing this story turn up on your friends page twice.

Title: When the Sun Comes Up, You Better be Moving
Word Count: 13,661 (total)
Thanks: To my darling betas, tenebris and raynos, for putting up with my crap and only smacking me occasionally.
Spoilers: The timeline goes AU from manga chapter 51 or so, but spoilers through at least 201 will make appearances.
Summary: Someone slept late or didn't file their paperwork properly, so Renji and Byakuya aren't the shinigami sent to retrieve Rukia. With some help from Ishida, Ichigo and Rukia cream the retrieval team and go on the run. Angst and trouble follow them. As of chapter 3, their energy is quickly running out, and so is the money.

Chapter One: The Single Step
Chapter Two: Never Let Your Feet Run Faster Than Your Shoes
Chapter Three: Two if by Sea

Remember this a very concrit-friendly community! Feel free to let me have it on any and all of these chapters.
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